MASONIC CERTIFICATE - New F & AM Master Mason Reproduction Lithograph - $ 19.95

F & AM Masonic Certificate

F & AM Master Mason Masonic Certificate

F. & A. M. Master Mason Certificate: This impressive and highly detailed F. and A.M. reproduction Master Mason degree lithograph depicts over 70 Freemasonry symbols.

´╗┐Who Is It For?

1. Lodges wishing to honor their newly raised Master Masons with an affordable, memorable and educational keepsake.

2. Existing members.

3.  As a gift presented to recognize and honor 50 year members, Past Masters, and special member achievements.

This is truly a beautiful certificate which you can proudly display.

Freemason symbols include the Eye of God, the Working Tools, the Virtues, the Mosaic Pavement and Columns of Solomon's Temple, the 3 Lesser Lights, the Holy Book upon the altar, the Good Samaritan, Jacob's Stairway to Heaven, Meetings upon High Hills and Low Vales, Boaz and Jachin, Steps of 3, 5 and 7, the Lambskin Apron and many more.

The text is in flowing script which says:

"To All Free & Accepted Masons on the Face of the Globe Greeting; We the Master & Wardens of _____Lodge, No. ____Free and Accepted Masons constituted under a Charter from the M.W. Grand Lodge of the State of ______Do Certify that our worthy Brother ____has been regularly Initiated as an ENTERED APPRENTICE, Passed to the Degree of FELLOWCRAFT, and Raised to the Sublime Degree of MASTER MASON, and is distinguished for his Zeal and Fidelity to the Craft.

We do therefore recommend that he be received and acknowledged as such by all true and accepted Freemasons wheresoever dispersed.

In testimony whereof, we have granted him this Certificate under our hands and the seal of the Lodge, having first caused our worthy Brother to sign his name in the margin, this ___day of ____, A.D., ____A.L. _________W.M. __________S.W., _________Secy., ________JW"

Size: 14" wide by 17" long

Paper: 28# Gold parchment. Also includes a Gold Foil Seal for imprint with your lodge seal stamp.

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Copyright: Fenix Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Certificate may not be reproduced in any form.

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USD 19.95

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